Nomadic Branch Week 2 - Research

This week we went out in the world looking for inspirations
Here is the recording of the call, please share your link as a comment below, and if something you saw sparks further exploration tag and share, thanks it was amazing to listen to all of this!!

tagging you all here, saving one email :slight_smile:
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I went through these projects - researched in the direction of structures that initiate playfulness, cosiness, familiarity in public space - structures on the boarder of public furniture and public art, structures that remains playful and initiate social connection even without the facilitators or event happening nextby…

particularly City Blocks is a set of blocky street furniture by Astrain Studio Architects
collection of art-modified benches in the park Jardin des Plantes a Nantes

Have a great day and nice inspiration!

Regards from Ouaga!

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Hello everyone,

here are the links of what I showcased:

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