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Nomadic Branch Syllabus


I’m posting here the schedule for the Nomadic Game Design spring so we are all in the same page and it could be useful for others interested on it as well.

In order to read that it’s important to explain that this could be subject to change, but since we are all working remotely and with intense personal schedules we will try to not to change it to much.

In general we will go trough 4 phases:

  • research
  • playtest
  • community outreach
  • production

Everyone will have different speed of course but we trust that sharing our journey will be a good way to arrive at the end of this with new games on the map.

As you can see in the calendar we are going to meet every week, Thursday, usually 3PM Berlin time. This time of the day has been picked because we have people connecting from Singapore till the US, so we are working across a 13 hours spectrum.

There are going to be three kind of weekly meeting:

  • read & comment session, based on an assignment we will connect around 3PM Berlin time and we will simply read and comment on each others statement and research. This kind of meeting is the “standard” one. In order to work we need everybody to be able to post their assignment before 3PM Berlin time :slight_smile:
  • nomadic call, (red circle on the program), we will convene on and share our thoughts and advancement, we will try to stay under the 2h call limit, so from time to time, you will be able to reserve your spot if you really need to share stuff, or you can also only listen to others
  • webinars (red circle+webinar on the program), this will be an open call for everybody that is interested on the topic that we will discuss that day, so far we have a “How to playtest” webinar on March 5th and a “Audience development” webinar on April 2nd.
    @natalia_skoczylas will be curating these, great guests soon!

There are also pauses in the schedule, weeks were you can just let the content to sink in and not think about games too much.

I know that we already discussed this but please share your thoughts about it, thanks!