Niki's follow-up email that apparently went to everyone's junk folder XD

Dear Beautiful People :dizzy:

Following on Diego’s thread - and thank you, I personally prefer emails so I can easily trace things back when I need something - here is my reflection & contributions.

Yes, I’m totally in for keeping the interaction going - in an elastic and flexible manner as it suits each of our individual rhythms, respecting our other commitments and life etc.

Diego thank you for sharing those documents with us - I truly learnt and have a feeling that will keep on learning from all of you as long as we keep our interactions going!

Either I’m faced with my tech-clumsiness or I’m not authorised to upload to this folder, so here I’ll make my contributions to our common pool of knowledge:

Attached is an article for researchers, academics, activists, urban practitioners, hopefully you will find something of value in there, I think we need to join our efforts and forces to create meaningful changes in the world in which we find ourselves, to amplify our efforts & endeavours as I feel there are many synergies and intersections here. I’m not really supposed to disseminate it but oh well, fuck the system, in this beautiful circle of trust.
→ not attached anymore, reach out and I’ll share!

It provides a solid raison d’etre for more scientific & research projects taking place ‘in the real world’ and calls for people’s genuine participation and right in shaping their urban environments thus reclaiming rights to the city, to decide, for environmental justice etc. It shows how much we’re showered with theory but lacking action - again a call and invitation! My focus is on ecological approaches, renaturing the city and nature-based solutions and I’ve had some stimulating discussions with some of you learning that we are wonderfully working in similar spaces!

I’ve also been researching and immersing myself in gamification - focusing on physical games - from a ’scientific point of view’ for 5+ years and I’m happy to share resources, articles and books from my personal library & collection, just give me a shout and let me know what you’re after more precisely :upside_down_face:

If this is of interest to anyone, here are 2 videos:

of the games we’ve co-created as part of my PhD in Budapest and Beirut - with some accompanying text to contextualise, but mainly the videos speak for themselves in showing the power of games in co-creating tangible and intangible things with people in an inclusive and diverse manner and how it is a great tool to empower collaborative public space development :muscle: which I shall keep advocating and acting for! If anyone ever wants to collaborate along these lines, please reach out, I’m always up to fun ways of grassroots activism and hacking systems :seedling:

I’m also on an exploratory journey of more ‘immersive experiences’ and performative approaches - which from you I’ve learnt might be larp?! Weaving it with environmental activism working again from the bottom up with communities, like this
So again - any endeavours or collaborative project desires, reach out!

:loudspeaker: And here is a call for collaborative research practices - 15 of us within UCL co-created a manifesto
we keep on sharing and inviting people to take it shape it share it. We imagine radically different practices and ethics because we feel it’s about time to break down the ivory walls and siloed thinking - so if any of you feel this way, please join the movement :smiling_face:

→ if you’re not into reading, you can look at it in the form of animation

listening to my soothing voice :rofl:

→ we have a translation initiative in the aspiration to make it more accessible and break down language barriers and so far the manifesto has been translated - and a poster designed for each according to the cultures and tastes of each translation - to
and Hungarian

  • with Swahili and Arabic underway :boom: if you agree with the manifesto please feel free to disseminate it widely! If you’d like to take and translate it to further languages please let me know - it would be super-awesome and will be guaranteed a place at the UCL website and in the form of printed poster as we keep on taking all of the translations to different places to advocate for the ten points, like this early days example.

→ we’ve published an open access article on this - if you’d like to use it as reference in your research & methodologies, and join in changing the narrative & status quo, don’t hold back! :nerd_face:

Diego, I’d love to sign up for a virtual session of Futuroscopio, but I’m abandoning my laptop in August to reconnect offline with my Lebanese communities :heart: so Sept would work better for me however I understand if the majority wants a session in August - then next time for me!

Find me on socmedia here:

Finally, a passionate huge YESSS for sharing music - so I say bye with the famous words of Hybrid (and personally special track for me) - brace yourselves for some cinematic sexy beats:

Until tomorrow,