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Nice to Meet you and Wow ! From Fi

Hi hi hi,

My name’s Fi. I make murder mysteries and run them in Bristol, UK! And I have a bit of background in games, animation, film, VR and then escape rooms, in that order. I’m currently an actor at an immersive venue. :slight_smile:

I think it’s very lucky I found this Open Call - this is the dreamless sounding project ever! I am sure I’m not the only one who feels like opportunities to work collaboratively, abroad, and in the industry (play, theatre, art, or game-y stuff) really rare these days. At least, I do.

I love this kind of project, it reminds me of a previous thing I worked on which was international, and very collaborative (everyone was a “co-devisor”). And yes, since then I’ve been wanting to do work like that again.

Think that’s everything. Nice to meet you other Open Call people.

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Hello @Finich so good to meet you and welcome! We are trying to introduce ourselves all together in one single thread so more people can see you message also in the next weeks. To do so, you can copy and paste your post as a comment in this thread here Stories from the world of Urban Play #2 , this way it will get more attention! Thanks, looking forward!

Oh cheers very much! I’ll do that :slight_smile: