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My introduction and the introduction of an outstanding game for a better World


I’m Martin a transdisciplinarity researcher (maybe because of my background in Engineering, Anthropology and Sustainability) who likes to curate and connect people and ideas. Sometimes I usually say that the wheel just was invented in some other place, but we are trying to invent it again, so this is my approach to connections. Relating to play, I could say 2 things:

  1. In my research about Wellbeing/Sustainability I developed a holistic model (16 quadrants) but with deeper research could be a model of 64 quadrants. From here the metaphor of “Chessboard of W/2” or a new I-Ching for modern times has been around my head and a game could be developed.

  2. As I told before, sometimes the wheel was just invented but we can adapt it to our circumstances (place-time-mind) and last year I was writing about paradoxical thinking and a paradox “Less is More” came to me in the way of a boardgame called “Less is Max” (Menos es más(Max) in Spanish wordplay) who was developed by 2 women in Spain through the model Human Scale Development by the alternative Nobel prize Max-Neef. The first game I played I was fascinated by the way these creators solved the way of explaining a complex theory of Needs in a game so people apart of having fun, they are learning or understanding the model and even in a B-side of the board they can act in the closest things they have around. Here a link explaining the philosophy and the possibilities of the game

I hope to find fascinating ideas and people in this forum as to participate with some of mine or connect with other ideas and people.

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