MICA Team: Moving forward

Hello everyone! Sorry for the late update (hectic schedules and time differences - I’m sure you understand). @jyow, @LeaLeroy, and I wanted to post our visions moving forward.

Due to our original idea being relatively small scale, we are continuing with it to finish in May as before, but are re-scoping our project to fit into current times. The goal of our “charcuterie board” of urban games was to serve as a taster of various genres. We still want this goal to stay the same, so we are aiming to fit those small tastes into a smaller home setting. Unfortunately, we don’t think we can cover more than 3 genres (perhaps a 4th if we have time), and we are thinking of the following:

  • Sport (We already have our balloon sports, which we actually play-tested inside! It also fixes our wind concern)
  • Micro Nordic LARP (We are thinking of a small experience between 2-3 people)
  • Hide & Seek (Our own take on it for turning a room in your home into something that feels unexplored)

Thank you and I hope everyone is safe and sound. <3


@matteo_uguzzoni @KyrAvram @MarinaKy14 @Coll1sion @soly @Highfather @BagelandBalloon @LukaMilorava @LizzieH

Looking forward to see the progress!

cool! I think that your sport ballon games might get completely different dimensions in homes. Not only the wind concern fixed, but also the lightness and “non-invasiveness” of inflatable balloons fits the interiors (no hard collions with ceramics and glasses :D) and finally the visual aspect when the balloons within the scale of the appartement interiors will get more importance proportionally (+vivid colors!).
It will be cool!