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Meetups Game Slots: offer a game!

In this session we will organize the “who, when and what” of the game/play experience you will offer in each of our meetups. It is your opportunity to show your creativity, skills and get feedback in a safe and constructive way.
As we discussed, you can setup an urban (or not) play experience for us on your own, or together with others. Duration can vary from 5mins to 1hour, however if you need extra time or a specific location let us know. You will have to organise it and facilitate it in the beginning or end of our meetup.
So pick a day, organise it in advance and if you need help reach out in this post! It is in a first come first served base and the slots are limited, so be quick and don’t be shy!

Possible dates are:
October 14th – derive and artistic research workshop (Duration: 10 MINS MAX)
November 11th – training week aftermath & final project planning
December 9th – team briefing & community engagement planning / Ni Hao! by Nikos (45’)
January 13th – workshop / Lydia
February 10th – workshop / Valia
March 9th – workshop
April 13th – final project playtesting
May 11th – workshop
June 8th – final project

Ηello everybody,

I would like to organize an urban game on February 10. I am thinking of selecting a spot close to the area where the meetup is going to take place. The duration will be 1 hour, however if some more time is needed, I will let you know in advance.

I have no particular concept in mind at the moment, only the characteristics-an urban game, somehow linked to the location that it will be played. When the meetup location is announced, I will start thinking about the story. If anyone wants to pick the same day, we can organize it together.


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Sorry for the late notice:
An experience on self exposure (much needed for any kind of game in public exhibition or act) on public, for today’s meeting. Going to last more or less for as much as I am there.

See you soon ^^

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Hello guys!
For our next meeting on December 9th, I would like to organize a play test of a game of mine called “Ni Hao!”. It is an urban game that needs you to figure out how to read chinese characters in order to win… “Ni Hao!” (meaning “hello” in english) is actually a game of simple riddles that introduces people to a handful of chinese cultural elements. It will probably take arround 45 minutes to be completed and the preferable site of the playtest is arround the area of Panepistimio. @MariaS is that ok with you?

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Sounds great! I will add it to our document

Hello to everybody.
I would like to playtest sth on January 13th. I am not sure of the exact content yet but it will be either “expanding the arena” or “treasure hunt/webradio crashers” I will try to use no more than half an hour hopefully.:upside_down_face: