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Mapping Part 1 - game designers/collectives, social media group, websites, festivals


I am now working on a list of actors involved in different ways in urban game design.

This is a work in progress and can be improved on with your help - feel free to add ideas in comments, and I will amend them into the text. As the game design is a super broad category, I will also include designers who do electronic games that can be played outside - and I’d be glad to have a discussion about whether that’s a good decision.

Also, if you think there should be other categories included, I’d be happy to look for them.

Designers and design teams

Kaho Abe, based in New York -
Marilena Agathou, Greece
Elina Roinioti, Athens /
Zack Wood US, Berlin
Agustina Woodgate AR/US,
Grupa MV - Viola Kijowska, Marcin Ropka PL,
Invisible Playground, DE,
Martin Nerurkar,
Martin Reiche, DE,
Michael Straeubig, DE,
Peter Lu and Lea Schönfelder
Applied Living, SE Niklas Persson, Mikael Vesavuori, Thom Kiraly
David Fono, CA,
Jason Corace (US),
SaBa - Sam Sheffield and Barry Whittaker, US,
Viv Schwarz, UK
Ellan Parry, UK,
Gian and Friends
Greg Foster, Jana Wendler, Scott Gaule
Copenhagen Games Collective
Patrick Jarnfelt, DK,
Entropika, GR,
ZebraProjekt, PL,
Dcalk, FR/BE
Departament Gier with Encounter teams from Warsaw and Penza, PL/RU,
The Larks, UK,
KIX - Enrique Perez, ME,
Urban Action, IL,
David Fono, CA,,
Holly Gramazio, UK,
Sebastian Gassner
Daniel J Wilson
Eric Zimmerman, US,
Patrick Jarnfelt DK,
Lena Mech, CZ,
Tassos Stevens UK,
Bytomska Gra Miejska, PL,
Peg, UK
Jussi Holopainen, FI
Szu-Ni Wen, Bager Akbay, Friedrich Kirschner (DE/TW/TU)
Make and Do - Hilary O’Shaughnessy, IR,,
Philipp Ehmann and Abbi Davey/ Street Game Conspiracy
Duncan Speakman
Simon Johnson
Simon Katan
Tassos Stevens
Jonatan Van Hove, Rejkjavik/Belgium,
Clara Hischmanner
Brian Hartley
Marek Plichta and Till Wittwer
Octopus Fruitbat: Tim Mannveille and Clare Huxley
Pollie Barden and Chloe Varelidi
Joanna (Badaude)
Jason Anthony
George Buckenham
Joshua DeBonis and Nikita Mikros
Tania El Khoury
Guerilla Dance Project
Jaime Woo, Canada
Simon Watt
Alice O’Connor
Linden Vongsathorn, Hide and Seek
Splash & Ripple

Universities, labs and Institutes

The Game Innovation Lab
Game Culture Club
The Herdecke Sawhorses (IT/FR/DE/US)
UCLA Game Lab,
BackLab Collective

Social Media groups

Tocatì Festival
Prototype Festival
PopUp Playground
Play Siegen