Invitation - present and play your game at Endlich festival, 20-22 September

Hello TIPers!

a bit before we’re convening in Athens, there will be a unique opportunity to present and play your games at the Endlich festival of contemporary art in Berlin. Despite the emptiness of your site, we have already around 60 artists booked for that event.

I happen to be curating it - and we’re looking for games that deal with (positive) visions of the future. It’s a festival of utopias, with some dystopian angle, but the main focus is moving away from critical art and use our creativity to conceive a world we’d like to live in. It will happen in an abandoned electric plant in Steglitz, - two massive buildings, possibly a pipe room, and a huge garden at the river. It’s an amazing playground in a pretty funny, clean and a bit posh neighborhood of the city.

Leave a comment if you’d like to talk about it, visit the space and maybe join with one of your games.

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Especially: @Susi, @digitalboaz, @jakob.wollekob, @AnYa, @id4marina, @paulschmidt, @anaisanais, @Ann, @Varvara

Hi Natalia, thanks for the info. Generally I would be interested in. Before I can say more I would like to visit the space and have more questions about how the game could be. Do you have time to meet or so next week? Warm wishes, Susi

This week I won’t be going to the site, but I can put you in touch with a group that does - it’s at noon on the 11th. Let me know if it sounds good to you :slight_smile:

Sounds good :slight_smile: