Introduction to Trust in Play Community

Hello to everybody!!

My name is Alexandra. I am a theatrologist and an Assistant Director in Theatre. Over the years I have participated and organized artistic projects that promoted urbanization and the close relationship theatre and the city can have. During my Erasmus exchange program, I was involved in various events under an Orientation Week Program that was dealing with city familiarization for stranger or tourists through games, treasure hunting, team-building and RPGs. I ‘m also a LARP gamer for over a year now with the intention this year to travel abroad in order to build more wonderful LARP experiences, meet new people and learn how to co-organize this type of events. My thesis was about the common parts games, theatre and literature share and deferent types of storytelling.

I am most interested in this program for various reasons. First of all I would love to evolve my knowledge over urban life promotion, street performance and urban gaming. Secondly trust is an important matter that we always come across in theatre and that’s why we approach it through various technics, games and exercises. Personally is a subject I am deeply interested in because of its importance in personal growth and evolution of society. Games always fascinated me from a very young age regardless their type and that’s why I work on them both as an amateur enthusiast (board-game creation) and an academic (gamebooks, choose-your-own-adventure-games, chooseable ending books etc).

I believe I have plenty of things to offer to and learn from the people involved in this program and I look very forward for us to share our experience and ideas :slight_smile: