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Informal Meeting #1 Proposal (project discussions)

Hello all, as I said at the last meeting that I would take responsibility for organizing the informal meeting I’d like to propose that here

It seems that everyone’s schedule is expectedly a little crazy and the doodle poll doesn’t have much clear overlap. My suggestion is that we meet on

Monday, November 25th at 18:00 at Thinking Cup Athens (5 minute walk from Victoria station)

I know monday is slightly less fun than doing this on the weekend but my thinking is that monday evening is already a time that everyone is more likely to be free because of the monthly meetings. Thinking cup has a nice comfy room with a big table you can reserve (I have requested reservation for monday but regardless there is also other space there).

Ideally I was thinking we would have little bit of time talking as a group talking about any new ideas or developments on existing ideas, but that mostly we will be talking to each other conversationally.

If you can’t make this day please comment here on the platform so we can see if there are a lot of people that can’t make it.


Hello! Monday is a bit hard for me but if we could push the meeting an hour later I think I can make it…


Monday is ok for me
Any time!

Thank you Jonah for your suggestion! For me monday 25.11. would be PERFECT!!! Would be great to fix the date soon as I need to book tickets etc…

On weekdays I am at the office until 18.30. So it is impossible for me to join you before 19.15.

Hello There! Monday is not possible for me, as i still won’t be in Athens…

Hi all!
Similar issue here: on weekdays, I’m working until 7.30-8pm (at the very best). If the meeting could be pushed a bit later, as other members have suggested, I’d be thrilled to join you!

i will be there at 20:00 !

@nikolas_kan @Nikos @lydiamanitsidou @Sa.rah @Lynx @TheodoraP (do I need to tag people for them to see this? the world may never know)

looks like just about everyone who replied to the post can’t make it till later, so we can push back the time. Unfortunately thinking cup is only open until 21:30 so I think we need to move locations as well

so let’s say the new time and place is

19:30 at Locomotiva Upstairs (so we can see what we missed out on)

(still tomorrow, Monday Nov 25th)

for the people that can’t make it until 20:00 or later I’m thinking that’s no problem because this is an attempt to meet as informally as possible! Having said that, bring your ideas!


I will be there!
see you tomorrow

Great! I’ll be there at around 8pm.
Thank you for organising this!

Hi to all,
It was an inspiring informal meeting yesterday.
I think it would be really useful if we could share the great summary that Sarah patiently and very well structured repeated yesterday for all of us. Sarah if you could share your notes it could help those that weren’t there to have an idea of what was discussed and move it forward the next days. If it is not possible for Sarah I could offer to do it but I am afraid that I won’t make it before Friday.
Have a nice day!
We missed those that were missing!

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