How can we find ourselves in the complexity of urban environment?

Greetings everyone, I’m Leonidas,
I am from Athens and I am about to finish my studies in architecture at Technical University of Crete. Architecture is a wonderful, wide filed; anything that involves design and dealing with space can be embedded within its boundaries.
Throughout my life, I had always been a gamer and I have artistic concerns. Painting is something that describes me, so I would like to turn to a field that gives me the opportunity to fulfill my artistic desire even further. Through the University I came across with various scales of design and was particular piqued by urban area, turning me into the theoretical study of what is a place and non-place in the modern urban environment. Cities are the contemporary space of human; where different lives interact with each other; something about this idea mesmerizes me. Also the scale of urban planning offers you the possibility of great design expressiveness. I am really fond of the topological interventions that adapt to the environment with intense flows and offer organization in the complexity of modern metropolis.
Although modern cities give birth to many psychological encumbrances to person, game as a process might be an answer, as it helps fulfill the creativity of the user, as well as it amuses and therefore it can be useful in education and learning. In collaboration with a teacher of mine, I participate in a conceptual, research lesson, the Fantasy Depiction, in which through an analog story telling (like D&D) i try to pass trough architectural concepts, mobilize the imagination of the participants and help them improve their design capability. So we might go even further and through games create a better framework of understanding the messages of the environment in which we live and to institute a happier everyday life.

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