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Holiday TiP Community Games

Hey TiPers :slight_smile:
We hope you are safe and happy wherever you are!
Would you like to share some ideas or photos of the games that you play this period?
Any types of games or playful situations!

Tonight we will most definitely not avoid lupus/palermo/mafia games and probably a secret identity party ARG, where people will have to complete quests before the others. Last but not least we will indulge in some Sherlock Holmes and Illuminati board games, because in our group some people enjoy solving mysteries and others pursuing world domination and waking up the Great Old Ones. I will share photos later.
I also secretly play sky: children of the light whenever I am not cooking or spending time with others. I love it!

What about you?


Ok, I just remembered this very old, folklore game -traditionally Vlach for some, all over Northern Greece for others. I played it once, and I found that it was incredibly messy fun in dinners. It used to be played the last day of the carnival, hence the messy aesthetics and the food involved -particularly the egg has significant connotations in regards to fasting before Easter. But since there is no such thing as a game-police, you can play it whenever.


  • 1 long stick
  • 1 boiled and peeled egg (or more, according to the rounds/participants)
  • 1 thin rope, yarn or ribbon
  • Yogurt (optional)

Tie the rope to the stick, and then to the egg -careful not to spoil it. Participants sit in a circle (around the dining table?). One person stands outside the circle with the stick, swinging smoothly the hanging egg within the circle, in front (and a bit above) the players’ faces. The aim is to grab the egg with no hands, mouth-only. The winner assumes the position of the stick-barer.
You can dip the egg in yogurt, to increase the mess. Don’t play it in your formal outfit (unless you want to make a statement!).

(outfits are optional)

(Troubleshooting: this pic is misleading, peel the boiled egg before tying)

Not suitable for vegans, who can of course change the ingredients to their preferences. Tofu and jam …well… you can playfully improvise with the tastes, as long as you keep the textures in the right solid-liquid proportions.

Happy winter everyone!


We just completed a gears war: the boardgame game


And of course mysterium is always a blast this time of year


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there is this game we made up with my best friend when we were at the university, we call it santa claus because we were playing it mostly in christmas gatherings or birthdays. It is very simple and it can be played both inside and outside.

the basic idea is that we make teams (it could be 2 teams or more, but ideally more than 3 persons in each) and each person writes a task the team has to do at a piece of paper. We gather all the tasks, and then each team picks a random piece of paper and has to do the task is written on until all the tasks are done. then we write new ones and a new round is on.

it is one of my favorite games because it’s an open-ended game that relies on the player’s imagination and the results are always surprising. Also, the fact that you are in a team and you all have to do the (sometimes embarrassing) tasks, makes it easier for even the most shy persons to accomplish the tasks.

I would really like to play it with you, i’m really curious how would that go!

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