Hi! come and play with me -"Nothing: to be done"

Hi urban players! Im Netta, a choreographer and performance artist based in Berlin, I am very happy to become part of the Trust in Play community and would like to use this platform to invite you to play as part of t “Nothig: to be done.”- game/performance in Berlin underground stations! the next edition of the project will be played as part on 48h Neukolln festival, June 16,
in Berlin and if you are around I would be happy to have you as part of our group!

The point of departure for “Nothing: to be done.” is the premise that in the contemporary moment, the intersection of neoliberal demand for constant production, hasty urban life, and communication technologies, rendered waiting into an unwanted activity which we have stopped practicing.

Our mission is to reclaim the lost human ability of waiting in public space as an essential element of our everyday lives!

you are very welcome to play during the festival or join our weekly practices in which we play and formulate waiting exercises based on the play “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett.

Looing forward to playing with you !



Hi Netta! I am Vasilis, also based in Berlin. That sounds like a very interesting concept! Getting inspiration from “Waiting for Godot” also seems quite cool :smiley: ! I have experience with theater, clowning, and improv and would love to play or take part in any other helpful way!

I am a bit busy the next 2 weeks, but I might still be able to join your weekly practice, you can PM me for details. Otherwise, I hope to make it to the game/performance itself on 16th June and hopefully play!



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Hi Netta, that sounds interesting. I might be in Berlin on sunday. Its not sure sure yet, but maybe you can already provide me with the details - just in case…? Like when and where does it start…? Best, Sarah