Help with game for workshop (games) on urban space exploration

Hello everyone!

I’m Chiara, an Elefsina Summer School 2023 alumna based in Berlin :slight_smile:

I’m writing to ask for some help for a 5-days workshop I am designing as an introduction to urban space (and social space) exploration. It is for a group of young people from 10 to 17 years old.

A playful dérive, subjective and collective mapping and 3 games are planned (we will introduce playtesting too).

We have identified three elements that will appear throughout the various activities: emotions/senses

For each, we are developing a game - a modified Twister for emotions; a role-play, time-based, impro game for actors; we are a bit stuck with the last one.

Central themes for this are:

  • mode of access to/occupation of an identified space (tape, rope?)
  • (privilege of) decision-making about the space and its use
  • erasure/negotiation about previous groups/rules (erasable boards/signs?)

We would like it to be an “action” game to balance with the other two… time-wise, it should last a maximum of half an hour.

Any hint to games/mechanics that could be related would be of great help!

Thank you!!

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Hello Chiara, congrats on the workshop it seems a lot of fun!

I remember a game that maybe is suitable with the audience you have, was designed by Albert Kong and called Hot Bogey but basically it was a mix between minigolf and parkour (but very gentle) at Playing Siegen 2017, maybe @LindeGa knows more. But basically there were starting points and holes/landings that were traced with chalk, and as players you have to reach the landing is less jumps as possible (only the floor was counting so if you were able to climb on a wall and move across that it was only one jump). It was very interesting in the way that was asking you to look at the ground in a different way, and it was gentle in the sense that everyone could play as aggressive/athletic as they wanted.