Hello from Rachael

Hey everyone!

My name is Rachael I’m 24 and I’m from Belfast in Northern Ireland.

I just graduated in December from my MSc in Urban and Rural Design at Queen’s University Belfast and doing my final project I realised my passion for working with young people in re-imaginaing interface/peacewall sites in Belfast. This then led me to come with a PhD proposal in co-designing a shared future; how can children be a part of the re-imagining of Belfast’s interface communities. I was so fortunate to have received funding for my PhD where I will be studying again at my same school at Queen’s which begins in October and I think Trust in Play will be an amazing learning opportunity and experience to be involved in while it begins. I hope to be involved and hear more interesting stories from the many diverse backgrounds of all the people already posting!

Thank youuuuuuuuuu :smile:


Hi Rachael - just a quick note that I’ve edited your post title to make it more readable - welcome to the community platform!

Hi Sebastian,

Thank you very much! I was a little confused how to join the platform lol, thanks again for your help.