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Hello from Matilde

Hey everyone,
my name is Matilde,
I’m very curious and I eat a lot. I like humans, I love monsters, I’m fascinated by what feels new and different. I enjoy drawing, storytellers, magic, dreams, cake, miniatures, games, and tomatoes. – This is the intro of my CV and my friends told me this is not professional at all, but I find it representative anyway :slight_smile:

I am Italian but I’ve been struggling with the grey skies of the Netherlands for quite a while.

For some years now, I’ve been enchanted by the dimension of larps and I am now trying to make them a structural element within my projects. My last studies have been in Social Design and there I started developing research involving mental healthcare, reality perception, fictional storytelling, transitional objects and worldbuilding – in the process to be matched and rounded by some good and fun gamification :sparkles:

Looking forward to meet, learn, be inspired and play with all of you, hopefully!

Wish you all a lovely day,

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Hello @matpat so good to meet you and welcome! We are trying to introduce ourselves all together in one single thread so more people can see you message also in the next weeks. To do so, you can copy and paste your post as a comment in this thread here Stories from the world of Urban Play #2, this way it will get more attention! Thanks, looking forward!