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Hello from Cyprus!

Hello, I am Theodora Andreou from Larnaca, Cyprus. I’m an actress, performer and theater facilitator. I’m interested in the production of immersive experiences through games and action in public spaces. I believe that the game is an activity that needs teamwork, spontaneity and brings people of any age together and provides entertainment and also education.
In 2019, I established the Theatrical Workshop ‘THEATROLA’ for children and young people at my village, a place that children feel free to create, to express themselves, to learn new things about arts and play freely in the yard. Every year I operate the Summer School, trying to bring children together doing experiential activities, crafts, playing together and sharing experiences.
I am working alongside other organizations and offer drama workshops to children, teens and young people. Currently, i am cooperating with the Larnaca Cultural Foundation in teaching ‘Theatrical Game’ at their premises and drama workshops for children from disadvantaged groups to elementary schools in Larnaca District with named ‘Traditional games of Cyprus’. Additionally, I introduce hidden treasure games based on side specific art.
Recently, I am involved in the development of Educational (STEAM) Toys through making and Digital Fabrication. The idea is driven by the desire to combine culture with technology. The STEAM Toys are based on Cyprus tradition through the use of rapid prototyping combined with traditional manufacturing methods.



Hello @UrbTH so good to meet you and welcome! We are trying to introduce ourselves all together in one single thread so more people can see you message also in the next weeks. To do so, you can copy and paste your post as a comment in this thread here Stories from the world of Urban Play #2 , this way it will get more attention! Thanks, looking forward!