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Hello from Chile

Hi everyone, my name is Felipe Arenas and I’m from Chile and have 37 years old.

I’m an Architect and a I’m passionate about designing of playful experiences and play artifacts.

I have experience in the development of gamification frameworks for projects, design of play products for playgrounds in public spaces, and placemaking projects with a focus on play and urban games (using urban screens as a platform), I have dedicated my career to enhancing public spaces through immersive and interactive experiences.

Currently, I’m a university professor in the Product Design Engineering career at the Santa María University and the Architecture career at the Diego Portales University. Additionally, I’m finishing my Master’s degree in Design Sciences at the Adolfo Ibáñez University, where I’m exploring my interests in digital placemaking and urban games.

You can see my portfolio at

Hello @Felipe_A so good to meet you and welcome! We are trying to introduce ourselves all together in one single thread so more people can see you message also in the next weeks. To do so, you can copy and paste your post as a comment in this thread here Stories from the world of Urban Play #2, this way it will get more attention! Thanks, looking forward!