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Hello (again?) from another Alex

Hi everyone,
I’m Alex L from the UK. I really enjoyed attending the 2018 TiP sessions and i’m excited to potentially be involved this time around as well. Since 2018 i’ve moved from just supporting the development of playable performance into starting to make it myself.
This summer i will be running R&D on a brand new piece of public playable performance that will embed itself into marketplaces & outdoor markets within the UK.
I’m really drawn to this location because so many games seek to mimic the conditions of ‘the marketplace’ in order to derive rules, tests & tension within their game play.
I’m interested in the exploration of new economies within this traditional civic space, and in particular how to create work that sits within these locations that can straddle both durational & inspirational play opportunities - i’m looking to make performance moments than can attract & excite an experienced gameplayer to invest 20-30mins of their time, whilst also providing opportunities for immediate & momentary engagement opportunities for passing audiences.

I will be delivering this first trial performance immediately after TiP - Elefsina,so i’m hoping this will be a perfect opportunity to get my mind into a playful space before i put the final touches to my Alpha test.


Hello @alex_levene so good to hear from you! How are things? If you want feel free to introduce yourself also in the main thread, Stories from the world of Urban Play #2 , this way more people will read your message, hope to see you soon!

Hey Matteo, i’m doing good. Thanks for the heads up, i’ve moved across to the new thread

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