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Greetings from Alex

Hi everyone!

My name is Alex Brown, I’m from England and currently live in Oslo, Norway. I’m an artist and larp designer with a specific interest in urban play and situationist games. I’ve been practising psychogeography and playing 3 sided football for many years, with an interest in moving it beyond the boundaries of sport into the possibilities of a game. From the collective storytelling and improvisation of the psychogeographical drift and 3sf, I started designing lots of physical and non-verbal Nordic larp. A lot of the interaction in my larp design uses movement meditation and physical presence, more-often-than-not on political and ecological themes.

Like a lot of people looking to make meaning of the world, I’m fascinated by magic and ritual and see urban play as an interesting vehicle in which to ride there. I’m very interested in the crossover between urban play and larp design, and the blurring of space-time boundaries for play.

Some of my work is on IG @alexveryok, feel free to connect.

Looking forward to learning, sharing, and hopefully meeting.



Hello @alexbrown so good to meet you and welcome! We are trying to introduce ourselves all together in one single thread so more people can see you message also in the next weeks. To do so, you can copy and paste your post as a comment in this thread here Stories from the world of Urban Play #2 , this way it will get more attention! Thanks, looking forward!