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Gaming South Africa - greetings from Austria

Hey everybody :slight_smile:

my name is Markus Z, born and raised in Austria. I am currently working on my masters thesis (to finish my architecture studies), which will be a co-design game to inform urban development processes of informal settlements and townshios in South Africa. I have designed about 2-3 games in the past, all of them tabletop games. For my thesis I am thinking about going digital, at least partially. Especially in time of Covid this just seems like it would make more sense. Through a research project (at Chalmers University of technology, Gothenburg, Sweden) i got to know people from South Africa, during a research trip. In Feb/March I will have the chance to go to Pretoria and test my game, linked to a course at University of Pretoria with a co-creation and participatory urban design approach.

Other than games, I love music, especially playing drums! In summer I really enjoy rock climbing and hiking mountains, and a cold beer, haha!

cheers, Markus :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:

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Hey Markus! exciting to see you here and read about your work and interests - I’d be interested to learn more about how we could help you as a community in your design process and testing? Or are you joining to stay in the loop and see what others do and keep track of future opportunities?

We have some contacts in South Africa, in Cape Town, a friend of mine Nabeel Petersen is doing fascinating creative and educational work there. If you’d like to be put in touch, we can do that :slight_smile:

In any case, happy to see the game club growing :wink: If you happen to pass by Berlin, let me know - there’s a bunch of us here.

best, Nat

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