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Games on the streets of Berlin are back

Some news from Berlin - not many of us are right now here, but this is a chance for some of the games to be played maybe? The city decided to designate some of the streets and close them down to traffic during Sundays and public holidays in the next months, starting on the 31st of May. This is to extend the amount of play space for the citizens as playgrounds are easily overcrowded. If we got enough interest, we could possibly try out some of your games in the public space using this opportunity :wink:


This sounds great! Would love to playtest some games :slight_smile: @natalia_skoczylas

Some game that are ready to be playtested in Berlin:

Great idea @natalia_skoczylas! Thanks for the link @matteo_uguzzoni, sounds like the perfect kind of space to try Quoits in.

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Kuba, we could do that on the 13/14 of June maybe? :slight_smile:

Yes, sounds cool! Let’s shoot for the 14 :slight_smile: how to best coordinate?