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Games in neglected monuments - Meetup in Piraeus

Hello guys!
In our last meet up I proposed making a game in the context of a neglected yet important archaeological site in Piraeus, This site called “the shipseds” (meaning house of ship in ancient Greek) is a very surrealistic place where an ancient monument is secluded under a school yard and a 60s building, right across the busy pedestrian street of the Mikrolimano harbour.
I will send you some more info by email later this week. Until then if you are interested you may check out some pictures from previous events here
find out some more about the shipseds by watching the Wooden Walls video here

or check my events’ facebook page (unfortunately mostly in greek)

Next Sunday 24/11 on 11:00 I will be waiting for you at the Municipal Theater of Piraeus (if you need instructions on how to get there feel free to ask me!). I will show you arround a couple of related maritime monuments, talk about how the urban fabric evolved throughout the centuries and show you the site of the shipseds. There, we can discuss about trust issues that have arrisen in the past (dealing with ancient heritage in Greece can bring out a lot of trust issues) and also primary ideas about the game.

Hope to see you all there!


Great idea!

We also wanted to have another informal meeting for discussing the project-ideas. I suggest we do that the same week-end. Maybe also on sunday? Or on monday evening? What do you people think about that?