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Games after Social Distancing

I was just thinking about the weeks to come, and what will it feel like to be back in bars, on the streets, in shops, and in the clubs soon, the crowds around and awkward touches exchanged with strangers. I wondered about going back on dates and sweating in the gyms, diving in bacteria and viruses that have disrupted our lives so rapidly and in such profound ways.

Since you will be play-testing and playing, and coming back to this reality as well, I wonder if you have some great tips for

  1. events and meetings that build trust
  2. games and other ludic activities that restore trust, especially around bodily contact?

And I wonder if that would be a nice context to present your games, once they’re ready? As part of community get-togethers celebrating the end of hard times?

Curious to hear what you think about it, and wishing you all a great, slow quarantine. If anyone wants to zoom or skype or whatever because you’re lonely or going crazy, you can also ping me and ask for that :wink: I’m at home, anyway.

cheers from calm as never Berlin


Oh I miss that bacteria-diving :wink:

We have developed various connection games that build trust through progressive disclosure of personal facts, thoughts and feelings. It’s mostly quite verbal though, as we have struggled to incorporate physical games that people will be comfortable with. I guess it’s not surprising given the social norm of disembodiment, but I’d love to hear from anyone who has found a way to ease people into that.