FUSION - Urban Games Festival // Matera 31.10-2.11 // Plovdiv 8-11.11

Dear game designers, dear players, dear playful community!

Dear participants, we have to change the dates of FUSION festival in Plovdiv from 25-27 October 2019 to 8-11 November 2019. So the dates of the festival are now: Matera 31.10-2.11.2019 // Plovdiv 8-1.11.2019

With a great pleasure I am inviting You to take part in FUSION - Urban Games Festival organized together by two European Capitals of Culture - Plovdiv and Matera (with a small help from Departament Gier//Games Department).

You will find all the detalis in the link:

or if you are not the one who likes to read much you can just go straight to open call application link:

If any questions - please ask here or on our festival mail: fusion@departamentgier.pl
Hope to see some of you in Bulgaria or Italia!

*There are national elections in Bulgaria on 27 of October and despite previous agreement to make festival than, elections security authorities banned us from having the gathering of many people on one and the same place.

We deeply apologise for causing you inconvenience or making it even impossible to participate.

We trust the postpone of the dates for the Plovdiv edition of Fusion would thus give all of you the possibility to have more time to plan your games. Thus the edition in Matera will happen first and we are more than happy that those who would be selected will have the chance to see first this incredible city. Thank you all for your understanding.

The team of Plovdiv European Capital of Culture 2019


Thanks for posting this @MGrelewski
I think it’s a really nice opportunity to develop some lightweight game formats that can connect cities or can travel → Call closes in a few days on Sept 22!

We’re also looking into ways to connect the Matera festival to the training week in Athens…

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Yes that could be 3 ancient cities connection! We’re working on it.