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Fabricating Alternatives

I shared this project we released a beta version in our Whatsapp group but I wanted to share here as well with one added element: we’re really interested in see what new uses & possibilities & creative exercises or games people can come up with using this card deck.

It’s an interactive card deck infused by AI with a spicy of design fiction. You can feed the machine with some inspiring articles to shuffle and play with your generated cards, each with a unique, provoking question. And it’s collaborative, so you can invite & share and have a group of people crafting the same card deck.

Some initial thoughts about games here:

Suggestions, feedback, and new use cases are very welcome.


Hey @vitorfreire, thanks so much for sharing it.

I am trying it now for a project I’m developing and compliments first: the design is beautiful, clear and fun, and I absolutely love the idea - I find it very useful and potentially powerful in exploring some blind spots when thinking of complex and not very visibly connected issues. Which is what I wanted to try it for :slight_smile:

But what happened is that I could only feed it two articles, and what came out was gibberish (or maybe my English doesn’t allow me to understand the depth of the hint) - have a look:

Anyhow, count me as your future user and evangelist - if it works, I will def use it for remote brainstorms and in my work :slight_smile:

Haha thanks for trying!

  • Everything now has some type of limitation. 3 articles maximum to feed the machine, and each session & card deck stays online for up 48h.

  • Sometimes it can be nonsensical - and that’s when you can start “crafting”, click/tap to change the words in the black blocks, you can even type your own. Once you reach something interesting, click to save (the light bulb on each card).

  • It’s also very encouraged the “group” component. You can basically share this deck with other people easily and you create a card deck together.

  • The blue stack of cards is a series of ‘what if?’ questions generated by the machine. Inspired by our design fiction methodology, these questions provoke alternative ideas. The red cards generate invention ideas – things to imagine and build around your topic: like a product or organization, a law or regulation, or even a new social norm. These cards are creative fuel to turn your thoughts into a tangible idea.

  • The “yellow” section is basically the card deck saved by you and everyone you shared. With some machine magic / joker cards (black cards).

We could have a little virtual coffee to tell you more possibilities if you’re willing to be an “evangelist”. Haha.

Thanks again!

Hello Vitor! I played with the deck as well, I fed the ai one wikipedia article and another on the same topic but it seems that the second one they picked up thing that were around in the page maybe? Not sure.
Anyway I loved to play and “craft” as you said, when I found some combination promising click to find the fun / compelling composition.
I found the blue card more easy to understand, the construction of the red one makes them sound strange. Also I didn’t understood that the yellow was for saving so I took scrennshots.