Evaluation in Creative Europe Funding

@Matoula_Koutsari leads us to the evaluation process for the project.
It’s based on a strategy that Goethe Institut is using and one of the main things is to ask questions at the beginning and at the end of the project.

The questions that are now on are:

  • What are the needs and expectations of the target groups involved?
  • Have the needs been met?
  • What have the participants, garnered from their involvement
  • How do they create the experience?
  • What would they change to make it more effective?
  • Do they feel the the training they receive works?
  • Are they going to keep on using their newly acquired skills?
  • Have they come closer to their audience?
  • Do they plan to use urban space for the creation of game tackling free and mistrust?

Each partner will do research and give GI feedback and project experience, and at the end we will produce an e-book by GI, we want evaluation to run parallel to the project.

@matteo_uguzzoni Question is that process open?
@g.ferri maybe we can start simple and do just what is requested from us, and then in a second level we can think about other iteration.

@sebquack did we promise an evaluation of the games?
@Matoula_Koutsari, we promise qualitative feedback
@sebquack I will prefer to focus on the learners
More people agree on, it’s the sanest things that we can do :slight_smile:

We will have the stories and numbers about the project automatically in the platform, so this must not be a big problem.
Part of the school is documentation of the project so it’s a goal it’s a self-assessment.
GI is going to be the evaluation leader, so they are the one that will keep us on track.

And that was it!

@tamaradobler ping if you need help?