Elefsina Cycles Game Documentation

Here are all the games we created during the third Elefsina cycle. To add your game, answer in this thread with a post that includes title, blurb, short description, any instructions materials for your game.


Get rich by being a human thermometer

An outdoor casino game based on the classic roulette setup. It is inspired by the recent heatwaves experienced across the world caused by the escalating climate crisis. In July 2023, wild fires amplified by extreme heat led to an environmental catastrophe in the region around Elefsina.

The game explores a playful way to feel the changing climate and become conscious of varying microclimates in different locations. Instead of a randomized ball like in roulette, players bet on the current temperature in the space where the game is being played, as measured by a thermometer. After each round, they move to a different place.

Instructions (English & Greek)

Roulette sheet reference



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Reverse Procession

Who do you trust to initiate you to the unknown mysteries of the city?

Reverse Procession is inspired by the procession that marked the beginning of the Eleusinian Mysteries. It relies on the trust between pairs of players. One is the ‘initiated’ to the mysteries of the urban space and the other is like the ‘hierophant’ guiding them through the experience.

This game is designed to build trust between players and also test how much the players trust the urban space. It has the format of a reverse procession that is experienced in pairs, one being the follower and the other the guide. The follower can only walk backward and cannot talk. The guide walks forward, cannot touch the follower, and can only guide them through one-word instructions. All the pairs follow the route the facilitator shows and experience an alternative version of the city as individuals and a whole.

Rule sheet English and Greek


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5th Annual International Laughing Championships

“Laugh your way to Victory”

“Laughter is the best medicine”; a catharsis; a birth & death.

Inspired by Demeter’s transition from grief to action in the Eleusis Mysteries, it is the moment of laughter where her grief dies and she becomes reborn to her mission.

In this big, bold highly public game to be played in a busy public space you create a shared moment of vulnerability, building connections between people.

This game exercise explores energy in public spaces, and to what extent game design & facilitation can help to guide the flow of energy.

Rules in English

Video in Action

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MAYOR OF &#%@?
A game of mystery.

It’s about the unknown, suffering, and collaboration - all things the Trust In Play cohort have been experiencing.

MAYOR OF &#%@? is a game of voting where the players must work together in order to figure out how to win, using scarce and vague clues from the Host. The problem is that the longer it takes them to vote correctly, the more uncomfortable the players get.

The game is played by 4-6 players and one host.

  • 11 Winning Condition Cards
  • 40 Contact Ribbons


  • 1 Facilitator
  • 4-6 Players

Print and Play Game in English


Contact Kip - kiprianos.s@gmail.com
Contact Fi - finicholson@live.co.uk


15m rope. 60 seconds. 2 teams. 1 shape. how many edges can you make?

(image by Alessandro, processed by Joanna)

Embark on a quest through Eleusina. Unravel its mysteries by creating spatial connections between urban objects, others and our own bodies.

The game is inspired by the streets and public spaces of Eleusina. Using rope as simple 2D lines, we are able to create 3-dimensional spaces that connect places, people, transportation, animals, trees, etc, in a way that is out of the ordinary.

The game invites us to be present, to be brave, be curious and are able to discover our familiar and unfamiliar places in new ways, and see it through the perspective of others.

Instructions (English & Greek)

Game’s website

Gameplay video

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By: Sissy Barakari, Jana Romanova, Dimitrios Savvopoulos, Jonah Senzel

Sleep! Go! BinGo!

Sleepingo is a bingo-inspired game in which players explore the phenomenon of sleeping in places not meant for that through an urban story collecting bingo competition. The concept of intense journeys of ancient pilgrimage to Elefsis, and our own sleeping experience during the heat wave reminded us of times in which we fell asleep in unorthodox places and situations, for better or worse, out of necessity or leisure. Gather and sharing these stories from strangers reveals how intimate these moments can be, and their pleasantly odd universality.

to play this game, print out 1 bingo card for each team, double sided, folded in half

printable bingo card+ rules (english)

Κάρτα παιχνιδιού στα ελληνικά


Αφή (aphe=haptic=touch) + Communication in silence + Circle of players

Players use their haptic touch and movements to recognize and communicate some mysterious objects to their co-players.

The game engages -through touch- the attempt to communicate the unknown among the circle of participants of this playful ritual.

Players take turns to initially recognize the mysterious object that each is holding behind their back, and use their other hand plus one-time body movement sequences to communicate this to their teams.

Instructions (English & Greek)


Contact (website + Andreas)

Sun Tales
Harness the power of the Sun as you illuminate stories over the city!

1 to 4 participants (+ 1 photographer)
30 minutes

Sun Tales is a game where players interact with cityscapes with the alliance of the Sun and color-filtered mirrors. In the tale we offer, they are invited to enact some chapters of the Persephone’s Myth in three minigames, bringing the characters and their relations alive into the contemporary urban fabric.

Instruction sheet (Greek)
Instructions sheet (Eng)
Gameplay video

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LIFE LOOPS – A Collective Non-Human Journey

Life Loops is a short urban role-playing game which embarks upon a playful journey across vast timescales. The game focuses on decentering human perspectives by embodying non-human char-
acters within ecosystems of a diverse and ever-changing world.

Key words: non-human, urban role-play, social-spatial interaction

Life Loops – instruction ENG
Life Loops – instructions GREEK

To the gameplay video for a glimpse of the experience

Contact the designers:
Alex Brown
Amy Boulton
Ludwig Küster
Johannes Equizi
Matilde Patuelli
Balint Mark Turi

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H2O Gangs: The Battle for the Most Precious Resource in a Warming City.
Designers: Tatiana Bodnar and Maelle Julou

This game is a short urban game played in teams with water balloons, perfect during heatwaves in the city.

“The year is 2040 and summers are becoming hotter. With urban heat waves on the rise, water in the city has become even more precious than gold. Neighborhood gangs, obsessed with managing the local water supply, have started to form and clash in the urban arena.”

Download the Instructions (English & Greek)