Don't forget to play!

Hi everyone!

My name is Nikoletta Zegli and I’m from Thessaloniki, Greece. I currently live in Göteborg where I just finished my master in Child Culture Design.
This field of design focuses on children’s play culture.
I must say that I was more than excited to find out about Trust in play!

Time for storytelling!
So during my final project for my master thesis I collaborated with a school in Gothenburg. My main topic is how to create free play opportunities in an urban context with re-used material. Collaboration with the school was awful in the beginning, the stakeholders were absent during the 6 months of the project and I lost faith in my project. I would say that this moment is the moment in a designers life where they hit rock bottom and have to rise again through all the difficulties. That was also happened to me, this was a learning experience for me and I learned to re-evaluate and re-adjust the results of the project in order to move forward. The final result was even more than I had expected and I am more than satisfied. The love and gratitude I received from the children I worked with and the fact that through this project children started playing outside and forming their own culture feels as a success for me. :slight_smile:


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