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Concept: the New Games movement today

The New Games movement emerged from the early 70ies onward in the States, within the context of the Vietnam War, of dramatic social and economic change fueled by a looming energy crisis, and of widespread drug abuse; but also, in synergy with emerging civil rights demands, feminism, pacifism, and environmentalism.

the New Games movement,formed by Stewart Brand and others in the early 1970s in the United States as a response to the Vietnam War,against a backdrop of dramatic social and economic change fueled by a looming energycrisis,civil rights,feminism,and unhealthy widespread drug abuse. (Ludica, 2007)

Ludica game design/art collective propose a revisiting of the spirit of the New Games movement, in order to tackle similar environmental, sociopolitical and gender concerns, offering a brief history of the movement and its genealogies.

to do: personal - this paper was useful to me because…

I ran into this critical account on the New Games Movement, that also offers a very insightful perspective about what we can describe as “the political agency of games”.

  • What is the social context within which a game emerges?
  • What kinds of values “govern” the game?
  • In what ways do designers embed those values to their game design?
  • To what extent are games didactic, and to what other extent offer a framework for negotiating with the proposed values?
  • How did the first era of the New Games Movement came to a closure?

***Spoiler Alert *** do not leave your games unattended ***