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Collection of games


Hi all,

lets collect games, game-instructions and lists of games etc. here.

Do you know of any lists/wikis/… of (urban) games - with explanation of the game and how it works? Small encyclopedia of games? Or we create our own (for example in this thread or in a Wiki…?)



@MariaS already said this: @matteo_uguzzoni has shared Ludocity’s playable games and there is also the vast cataloguing of our beloved Bernie de Koven e.g. his [funny games] collection ( Many can definitely be considered as urban games or inspiration for urban play. there are also quite a few catalogues for traditional street games.


Future Togetherness is doing a collective approach towards a list of games

• The Handbook —…/Future-Togetherness-Handbook-3ea8b4…
• How to Contribute —…/Making-this-Book-Together-8589490ac…
• Starting your own Test Kitchen —…/Future-Togetherness-Test-Kitchens-6…


Hi Sarah,

That’s a great idea - and would be great if anyone has academic papers on the same subject.

I have also just joined the JISC location-based games email list.



Hi all,

thank you for contributing and posting! The links are great! Looking forward to more :slight_smile:

Best, Sarah


Hi Gavin,
thanks for the link. Yes, good idea to also collect academic papers.
Seeya! Sarah