Collaboration with Arte Urbana Colectif Sofia

Hello all!
As Nomad branch we are trying to create interactions with different stakeholders: one of the first that could become interesting is with Dimitar Uzunov from the Arte Urban Collectif (Sofia, Bulgaria).

He is responsible of a Summer School (ta-dah) on Immersive theater and creative storytelling, that will take place -in his forth edition- this summer in a very suggestive location outside Sofia.
He is interested on collaborating and the first opportunity could be this: he cleared a spot of a 3 hours lecture for someone of us, during the first days of the school (2nd or 3rd of August), the topic being: Urban Games.

The gig is worth especially for someone that is in Europe (I’m not sure if I will be there in August), there is a little fee (200€ if I remember correctly), and the opportunity to talk about the school with other potential participants (middle career artists).

@MariaS @sebquack @g.ferri is anyone interested?

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Hey @matteo_uguzzoni, guess who’ll be there as a participant for the Summer School


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So happy!!! See you there!