Closer Ties - Update and Playtesting

Hi all!!

Kai and I have tinkered with the yarn, tinkered with the pen tool in Mozilla hubs to make the yarn, hit some roadblocks, and now have a game test for you!

Is anyone available tomorrow, Tues April 21st or Wed April 22nd?

We need 2-4 players per test, Playtest A: 6pm-7pm, Playtest B: 7-8pm (London UK time).

Message us here or email us if available/interested. We’ll send along the link to the Mozilla hubs room where you can join us to play the game :smiley:

Hope to see some of you soon and all of you Thursday!


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Hello @BagelandBalloon!
I’m available tomorrow Tuesday at 6pm (UK time). See you there!

Sorry guys that I couldn’t join. If it’s convenient, I have time tomorrow morning (Thurs 23rd)… am on same timezone as you :wink:
L xx

Hello all!

This is a quick note to say THANK YOU to our playtesters! Thank you for playing the first ever edition of Close Ties and thank you for your patience when diving into a new platform, intermittent internet connection and all! We particularly enjoyed the opennes in which you collectively created beautiful galleries, shared sumptuous stories and brought a sense of exploration to the whole process.

Based on your super valuable feedback, we’re now whipping the game up, letting go of some things and enhancing others. We plan to release the game on/around May 15th.

Stay tuned for the finale version!

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Hi everyone!

Currently making up a safe space resource doc for our game and I was trying to find some examples online …it’s tough! Anyone know of any?


Hey @BagelandBalloon not sure if this is what you’re asking, for a conference we adapted this to create a safe space between participants,

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