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Case Studies - game design for institutions, companies


In this section, I will collect information about collectives, companies, and designers who do commercial work with game design. As one of the directions in which we want to take this community is to create connections between big institutions and independent designers, these will be examples to learn from.

Playmakers Industries

playmakers industries is a global entrepreneurial cooperative of social entrepreneurs, practitioners, game developers, professional hippies and social artists. Our fluid structure depends on the business case and the needs of our customer. Get in touch with me and I will introduce you to the rest of the crew depending on your reality.


Alongside our projects, creative practise and artistic collaborations we work with commissioning partners cross-sector, specialising in Interactive Experiences, Game Design and Storytelling.

The Angewandte Innovation Laboratory

Together with partners from the fields of business, science, arts and research and the varying positions, sources and resources of the University of Applied Arts Vienna we offer space and time for exchange, networking, experiments of thoughts and the opportunity to get inspired by new perspectives.

Within specific event formats, we discuss interdisciplinary and socially relevant themes, with the goal of creating ideas, concepts and models. New opportunities and solutions are encouraged to address current issues.