Call for play- Cities Revealed

Cities Revealed call for play! Explore your city’s mysteries!

Trust in Play European School of Urban Game Design_The Elefsina Cycles invites you to join our community and play Cities Revealed on Friday 14th July at 18.00 EET.

Cities Revealed is an urban exploration game. Two players in two different cities connect with one another through a chatbot and share their urban perception via photos. How does the game work? Both players use an identical group of words to frame their urban explorations in photos. The captured photos from the two different cities represent the same words… or at least that is what the players intend. Their point of view might be extremely different or the same as their companion’s. Identifying and selecting common words is the only way to figure out if they connect with one another. You never know; you might reach your urban soul-mate.

You only need to charge your mobile, have some data for your journey (no more than 8MB per game), wear a comfortable pair of shoes, have some water with you and the mood to explore your area and discover an unknown city through the eyes of an unknown companion.

You can find the game here:

Alternatively, download or open Telelegram app and search for Cities Revealed.

Also check the guide to see how the game is played

Waiting for you in Elefsis 2023!

Join us and play from Elefsina or your city at 18.00 (EET) Friday the 14th July and reveal your city’s mysteries.