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Balcony/Rooftop Games

Hi TiPpers!!!

Games that we can play with our neighbors between balconies, rooftops or even windows!

The social distancing measures and the limited access to public spaces because of the Covid-19 pandemic have given the opportunity to urbanites all over the world to re-invent their outdoor spaces and exploit them more creatively…We’ve seen videos of people singing, playing bingo, working out on balconies and rooftops…

I am currently creating a catalogue of games we can play from our balconies/rooftops/windows that

  • respect social distancing : no touching / keep 2m distance

  • can be played without leaving our flat/building

  • can use simple materials and objects that we have at home

  • respect the privacy of neighbors (noise, visibility)

  • do not risk the safety of players

  • are performative, educational, fun, synchronous-asynchronous, etc…Could be any playful experience that can be re-adjusted for this specific urban context!

Any kind of reference is interesting and inspiring… (could be games, texts, illustrations, movies…)

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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@MarinaKy14 maybe check out this article (in greek), it is an architectural view on the balconies of Athens with many many photos. I have a deep respect for balconies like never before, these days they feel like a liminal third place and I would love to play any game. Mmmm from the top of my head I am thinking about using different colour clothes and mirror reflections for secret communication codes. I am thinking about all these people in balconies and the power of information they hold :shushing_face:. Also you reminded me of the main balcony game we used to play, throwing water bombs and paper planes, when we were not allowed to go outside :sweat_smile: or the role of the balconies so that people can be seen, as a proof of existence, discreet check in (I haven’t seen her for a while, is she ok?) and playful dramatic communication film reference


Thank you @MariaS for the references! :slight_smile: I like the paradoxical situation and interaction between the balcony and the street, like a Romeo&Juliet situation; I can see you but I can’t touch you… What you say about the power of information and the secret communication codes is interesting and very much linked to local culture. This could be the starting point for the creation of contemporary urban legends/myths… Thanks :wink::shushing_face::zipper_mouth_face:

Hello @MarinaKy14!
Don’t know if it counts, but here in NYC we are clapping for the healthcare workers every evening at 7pm, it’s not a game, I see it more similar to a weather event, but it’s really good because it make you connects with your neighbors through window and balconies.
Talking about games: one game that I think it will be amazing is Invisible Tennis, is a variation of Invisible PingPong, where you use your mouth for making this sound .

In Invisible Tennis you don’t use your mouth but you use a paper cup (usually the medium CocaCola size is perfect), you cut the bottom of it and you insert your fingers in a flicking position inside it.
My fav combo is middle finger+ thumb it makes the cup very stable, you use the other fingers to hold the cup in place.

Now basically you have your racket (that is more a amplifier), if you flick inside the cup you will produce the sound of a racket hitting a ball in a tennis court.

After that you just need an opponent with the same setting and you are ready to go.
We used to play this game in public space a lot and the results are always amazing!

Also here, a compilation of what is happening on NYC rooftops

The illustration of this post is amazing!!

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Thank you @matteo_uguzzoni!!! I really like the performative aspect of invisible tennis - I want to try it soon! Maybe it would be nice to tie that to some game rules and enhance the experience :thinking:

I love the NYC rooftop compilation :heart_eyes: