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Avantgrid: Joule de vivre!

Prompted by @matteo_uguzzoni, I’m crossposting this here too.

A crew from the Blivande community (we also have an Edgeryders-hosted forum) have applied for funding for a project we’re calling Avantgrid: Joule de vivre!.

It’s basically an idea to make a solarpunk larp/festival to which you could only get a ticket by trading in stored energy or the potential of generating energy at the event. Furthermore, the history of movement of the electrons must be accounted for and follow rules set up by the participants. This process culminates in a 4-day festival and role playing game where only the gathered energy can be spent. We’re hoping to build a little solar punk town where this would be played out.

To guide your imagination, we’re thinking that the rules could for example discourage spending loads of money on a fancy factory bought wind turbine, and encourage something more DIY and upcycled. We might also want to reward ingenuity and aesthetics. It should also be accessible through an “easy” way out to gain entry - there will be bikes powering generators on which you can spend 8 hours in total in the weeks running up to the event.

You can read up on the details if you google translate this page , which contains our application to Kulturbryggan, a Swedish funding body.

If this gets funded (and we need funding since we’re not charging money for participation), we will be sure to involve this community.