Any owls missing from the team?

Hello everybody,
When writing the rules of the first game, I decided to take the role of an owl- “koukouvagia” in greek. Since then, my friends call me owl, so I will be introduced with this name in the “games world”.
What I like more about this world is that is endless and chaotic. When I finished the stories of the first game- it required much more time the first time- I understood that making your thoughts a game, step by step, is something that you can fall in love with.
All the four games that I have organised until now-between friends and friends of friends- have an enviromentalist orientation. Each player is asked to bring with him multi-use bottle&cup instead of plastic ones, in order to make his team win extra points. The parks of Athens, that are full of hidden unknown history clues, have helped to develop the stories and add in between the lines some new knowledge about the city and the places. Also I could not resist- not to make my friends perform/act somehow, in order to express their hidden talents, laugh and know each other better. The age range varied from 5-70 and this boosted the energy and the fun. The dark point was the required time… Everybody was relaxed, I was also relaxed, so at some time, suddenly, the parents came to look for their children… What is the next game? I would like to combine my economy knowledge with a game that shows the drawbacks of this reality- maybe, or co-design a game with a specialist in theater, psychology, arts, astronomy … something that I am not familiar with, in order to learn new things during this process and present them in the game.
The owl

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