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All webinars in one place

Below are the links to all recordings from our webinars. The post will be updated with the future conversations.

  1. Money, with Michał Grzelewski, William Drew and Sebastian Quack
  1. Festivals: with Zoe Buter, Maria Saridaki and Gabi Linde
  1. Politics and games, with Tassos Stevens and Andrea Brasch
  1. Safety and Consent, with Johanna Koljonen and Aron Birtalan
  1. How to Playtest, with Sebastian Quack, Maria Saridaki and Jason Corace
  1. Making a living as a game designer - with @Simonjohnson, @alex_levene and @matteo_uguzzoni

I’d encourage anyone in the community to share topics and guests they’d like us to cover in the future, as we’re moving more towards distance learning and we’d love to deliver you home the skills, knowledge and connections that would be helpful for your future work.

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@sebquack :wink: voila, here you go :slight_smile:

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really cool, thank you! This is such a great resource + I can now finally catch up on all the recordings :slight_smile:

On testing usability (not especially games, but still interesting): It gives another perspective (not that I agree on everything;)

great to have everything here! thank you @natalia_skoczylas and @matteo_uguzzoni.

@Matoula_Koutsari here they are!