Administrative tips for Creative Europe project gave a presentation on how to do administrative stuff for Europe Creative project

First we went trough the project life cycle.
Project selection > done, we won!!
Grant agreement: we took the 60% of the fund already, so the next step is that we do the project, we do the final report and if all the cost are eligible they give us the rest of the 40%.
If some expenses are out then we can have a problem, and they can ask you the money back.
Possible Audit after the end of the project, up to 5 years, so it’s mandatory to keep the materials for 5 years.

During the duration of the project you have to disseminate the result, the EU support is visible, and it’s GI responsibility to talk with the project officer.

Then we talked briefly about visibility, Iris will share the guidelines
In whatever document, public speech, mention we are obligated to use th logo and the wording that they are asking us.

This year the agency is trying to change the format of the reporting and it’s a e-report, but it’s not ready yet. It’s really important how the report looks like so we can work for it already collecting the right data, we have to wait for this.
The report is divided in two a technical part that is narrative based (project implementation in detail and results) and the financial report that links to the reported cost to the activities.

The idea is to deliver a document (tbd) maybe we can create an excel template open in Google Drive where everybody can upload the expenses. The GI will create the list of activities so we can have a multi-choice.

Amendments and changes in the projects
If we have change we have to inform the agency in advance (1,5 month in advance before the implementation).
The process for an amendments is

  1. check if it possible, if they say ok
  2. check if it must be an official amendment or unofficial and follow the procedures requested.

Financial Aspects
Supporting Documents
Every partners has to have the original (save) and send to the GI a readable copy

Eligible cost

  • A cost must be necessary for the implementation of the activity
  • Indicated in the budget
  • Recorded in the accounting records
  • Reasonable and justified.

Staff cost
is divide in 3 categories

  1. External professional services

  2. Fees remuneration
    in this case you need Invoice + a contract + the proof of payment.

  3. Organization people salaries
    No subcontracting
    Timesheet, there is a template of timesheet from the EU and we can learn how to use it together
    And the total number of productive days are 220-240 year.

The documentation that you need for justifying the staff cost are (in case of request):
Employment contract
Equivalent appointing act
Annual salary statement
Methodology, usual policy

Third country cost
Max of 30% of the total eligible cash
and must to be justified

Cash Payment


If any, what’s needed is:

  • proof of withdrawal of the crash
  • Copy of the invoice to justify the withdrawal
  • Signed receipt

There is a very useful EU document regarding all these administrative and financial issues.
You can find it here.
Please refer always to this document, if you have any question/ doubt.
Of course @Matoula_Koutsari and are also at your disposal!

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