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About the Nomadic Branch category


This is a space for the Nomadic Branch to discuss, meet, plan.

The nomadic branch is the biggest, as we decided to splurge a little and work with three different communities - one international, second based in Rustavi in Georgia, and third that comes out of MICA. You will all meet each other in Athens.





Hello everyone!

I am looking forward to meet you all and start working together! This is going to be a great experience and I am sure we will learn from each other!

While waiting to get more information about the meeting in Athens etc. It would be great to start sharing information and resources relevant to urban game design so we can all begin to get inspired!!!



Hi everyone! I’m super excited to meet you all in Athens :+D


Hi guys!
I’m really excited to meet you all in Athens this fall! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi gang,

looking forward to meeting you all.



great to hear from you all! really happy to meet you soon!


Hello there, I am really happy and excited that my city is becoming part of this community.

Looking forward to next activities and meet in Athens.