A Town by the Sea - A Trust in Play session?

A Town by the Sea, the game I’ve co-designed with @awhitney and @vidityavoleti is coming to the end of this first cycle.

After a lot of prototyping between August and December, we hosted 6 play session in January and February and we will host few more in the next weeks.
ATBTS is a map-making game in which we take the role of citizens of a small town by the sea in the futuristic sci-fi world of Witness.
During the game we create the world together and in two successive (very dramatic) meetings, we had to decide the destiny of our community.
It’s a game that can be very silly, but at the same time heavy and beautiful in a sad way.

Do we want to have a Trust in Play session? We just need to be in 4 (max 6) in order to run the game, tagging here some of the designers that were interested in the past, let me know if you’re down to play and I’ll organise one session.

@MariaS @soly @Highfather @MarinaKy14 @jyow

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this sounds fun, count me in!
Is it a 2 hs session? Can the players be together at the same space?

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Yes the session is 2 hrs, and yes the some player can be in the same space, but we will use a miro.com board so everyone should be able to access the internet (or at least one computer should be available)! When it’s a good day and time?

Hello! I had registered a couple of times for the previous playtests but did not make it after all! I am interested!
I propose sending a doodle or something similar cause with the difference in time zones it will be hard to find the date/time here!


A doodle would be helpful :face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears:

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Thanks everyone, here is a link to a doodle

@MariaS @MarinaKy14 @soly

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just filled in the doodle! Next week I have an EU project Meeting so It is hard for me. You’ll see that I am only available on one specific time slot. If there’s not time restriction I would like to have a few more options for the last 10 days of March.
If it needs to be done earlier, then I am afraid I cannot join!

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Hello @MarinaKy14 @soly and @MariaS so far we have one option that is next Thursday, March 23rd at 7pm CET, it will be great to play together at that time if it’s still an option for you…otherwise we can move it to March 30th same time, which one will work better for you? Thanks!

Thursday 23rd works better for me!