A story to tell / a story to "play"

Hi everyone!

This is Eva Anyfanti, I am 36 years old and I live in Athens, Greece. I have studied Sociology and I hold a master in Cultural studies. I am a copywriter and I also work in the field of event management and communication. Along with my sister, Mariza, who is an archaeologist and a certified tour guide, we work as a team in a project, which aims to create mind and sight specific games based in the historical memory of the city.
During the years 2012 – 2016, we -as most of Athenians as well - had lost our trust to the city. We accepted as a fact that Athens was separated in “forbidden” or even dangerous zones, where we couldn’t feel safe anymore. Plus, the general “crisis” atmosphere that covered everything, made things look like a dystopia. On the contrary, through our jobs we were in daily contact with people (tourists, artists, foreigners) that kept being excited about Athens and repeating again and again, that is one of the most “safe” cities were people still trust each other. Of course it was the “vacation mood”. But there was something more: the element of discovering. Maybe this is what Athenians had lost: the expectation for surprise, the will to discover. So, we wondered if and how we could make people to re-discover the city, to get excited, to “recover”. This is the reason why we came out with this project and started have an interested in urban - city games.
Actually, we are “storytellers”. And we know that people not just love storytelling, but most of all, they want to be part of it.
So, this is us. We have many ideas but it’s just the two of us. We need to become members of a team, play our ideas, play with the city, play in the city, and TRUST IN PLAY is our chance.

Eva (& Mariza)

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