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Intro: Participating in this Toolbox

Welcome to the Trust in Play Methodology Open Toolbox!

This is an effort to collect and condense the knowldege in this community in a semi-formalised way, something like the wikipedia of Trust in Play.


  • easily searchable
  • easily linkable
  • easily shareable
  • useful cross references
  • clear authorship and provenience
  • relevant to Trust in Play related projects


  • specify type of entry in title (see below)
  • clear, short entries
  • short text but not one-liners (500-3000 characters)
  • image, video where possible

We would like to stick to three clearly defined types of entries:

concept – short explanation of an important idea, with reference where it comes from and how it relates to trust in play

example: Concept: Dark Play

resource – link to useful materials outside of trust in play, with a short summary and explanation how this is useful for the tip community

example: Resource: SKESSA - a collaborative toolkit

howto – step by step guide, useful in a trust in play related project. this is “original trust in play research”, ie text/content that members of the tip community contribute. (a link to someone else’s howto would be classified a resource)

example: Howto: Stakeholder engagement

Participation is open to everyone – just follow these guidelines and create entries in the Methodology toolbox category that you think are relevant.

We will have a rotating group of editors – currently @george_sam, @MariaS and @sebquack who will comment and follow up in case things are unclear or we have ideas to improve content. If you are interested in supporting the editing process, please reach out!

Feel free to propose topics or discuss general aspects of this toolbox in the comments below. Use the individual entries to discuss entries.