Open Call: How To Apply, FAQ

Are you interested in taking on a major role in the design of urban games and playful experiences in the near future? Are you a recent graduate or emerging cultural practitioner in game & interaction design, urban planning & architecture, activism, art or a related field?

Become a trainee at Trust in Play!

  • join the international training week in Athens in Oct 2019 (travel expenses covered)
  • receive training and mentorship by experts in urban game design, urban planning & cultural organisation as part of one of the three branches of the school (Amsterdam, Athens, and Nomadic)
  • create your own urban game in a small team with, mentorship, production & development support over the course of 1 year

Here’s how to apply:

Step 1: Sign up to the communtiy platform. Then click here to post a message to introduce yourself and share a story about your work
Step 2: Put together a PDF showcasing 2-3 relevant projects you have worked on and your cv (max 5 pages)
Step 3: To complete your application, fill out this form and hit submit!

Detailed Information about the Call

What is the timeline for the open call and the school activities?

April 15 – launch of Open Call
May 31 – close of Open Call (midnight CET)
June 17-21 – notification of results
Summer – local meetups
October 29 - November 2 – International Training Week in Athens
Spring and Summer 2020 – realization of your urban game project

Why should you join?

Trust in Play supports emerging practitioners in forming a career out of making urban games and playful urban experiences. Benefits include enhancing your professional capacity (artistic and business skills) and acquiring the tools necessary to start working sustainably.

You will be part of an international community of urban game designers, artists, academics and cultural organisations with a basic goal to support your work and improve your financial sustainability. The school organisers actively involve experts with considerable experience in state of the art urban play projects, community-based artistic games and innovative playful experiences.

Who are we looking for?

Are you a person who has the ambition to play a leading role in the design of urban playful experiences in the near future? We are looking for independent artists or game designers, but also creatives from a broader practice like, architects, urban designer and social innovators. Are you a recent graduate or emerging professional with experience in one of these fields, and do you want to further develop your skills to work in interdisciplinary (design) teams developing urban game design projects? If yes, then we’re looking for you!

What do you get?

As a selected trainee you will receive

  • a grant to support travel and daily allowance for the International Training Week in Athens in October (only for trainees based in Europe)
  • ongoing training and support from local and international mentors, organized through your branch
  • the opportunity to be part of an active community of creative practitioners
  • production budget for projects realized in teams during the second half of the traineeship in 2020 (around 3500€ per project)

What do we expect from you?

We expect that you are committed to follow the program as a whole, that is structured around the research, conceptualization, design, testing, implementation and documentation of an urban game. This means that you will attend training sessions, collaborate locally in small teams throughout the production process and plan regular meetups with mentors and fellow-trainees.

As a trainee, you commit to

  • attend a local kick-off meeting of your branch in Summer 2019
  • attend the International Training Week in Athens in October 2019
  • attend monthly meetings with mentors and co-trainees locally / digitally
  • collaborate in a small team towards the design, production and documentation of an urban game, to be premiered locally in public space in the spring / summer of 2020, under guidance of the mentors in your branch
  • have fun!

What does it cost?

Participating in Trust in Play – European School of Urban Game Design is free of charge.

How do the three branches work?

Trust in Play will offers training across three different branches:

  • The Amsterdam branch, supported by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences,
  • The Athens branch, supported by Innovathens, Technopolis City of Athens and Resilient Athens
  • The Nomadic branch, supported by EDGERYDERS community

The school does not cover traveling expenses apart from the ones for the International Training week in Athens. Applicants from Amsterdam or Athens should choose one of the two branches in order to participate in the local training and events. If you are not located in Athens or Amsterdam and you are able to work online you should choose the nomadic branch.

More Questions?

Sign up to our community platform and reply to this thread!

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I’m a creative director based in Amsterdam. I run a small design studio called Imagination of Things and I’m passionate about cities, play, and urban resilience.


Hi Vitor, that’s great thanks for register:
we are sharing our stories in this category

Feel free to start a new post and write about your practice!

Ciao Vitor!

If you could introduce yourself in a couple of sentences and tell us why you’re interested in urban games - or how they help/would help your work, that would be fabulous.

I invite you to join the others in this thread and share a little bit more - and looking forward to unpacking some of the ideas together. I am very much interested in urban environment myself and how do we create it as a friendly, open, and inclusive space.

Hi! My name is Juan camilo. I’m from Colombia🇨🇴 and I am architect. I’m very interested in your trainee program. Is it possible to apply to this program as a non - European professional?


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Hi Juan I’m also an architect and I think that our background can give a lot of diversity to the discussion, happy to have you here!

The school (and the Nomad branch in particular) do not select Trainee that are outside EU except if there is an institution that supports you and supports the project , like in the case of MICA an art school from Baltimore (US).

But anyway we are going to share a lot of the contents here on the platform, and the community will be global, so fell free to introduce yourself, your projects here, there are going to be a lot of learning opportunity in the next months anyway


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Hi Matteo,
What kind of institutional support is needed to apply from outside of EU? Is it needed for covering costs or something else? I’d like to invite some russian game designers (sure will encourage them to check out the platform anyway).

Urban Games: Definition, Scope, Limits?
This is an interdisciplinary call, but people in different disciplines may have different understandings of the definition, scope and limits of the term ‘Urban Games’. I note in the open call you have not provided any specific statement on what in your minds constitutes an ‘Urban Game’ and ‘Urban Play’. I am presuming this ambiguity is intentional?


Is there a particular reason you’ve asked for people’s ages, and if so can you clarify how you will use this information? In Webinar 2 there was reference to ‘Junior Game Designers’, ‘Early Career’ people, ‘Recent Graduates’, etc. Will this be a matter of judgement on the parts of the selection committed or are there more specific guidelines?


Hi @conormolo - thanks for your question. We ask for age to get an indication of the experience level of people applying. The program is geared towards people who are not already well established professionals working as urban game designers. We are setting up the program so it is most useful for people who want to gain foothold in the urban game design field (either because they in an early phase of their careers in general or because they are entering from other fields, both is fine)

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Hi @conormolo - very good question. Yes, this is intentional - there is no settled definition of “urban games” in the field and people coming together from various disciplines and traditions have different views. One of the main objectives of the training is to gain a better overview of the field and the different working/design/art approaches inside of it.

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I’m from the UK. I’d like to apply. But of course… the dreaded Brexit (aargh) might happen at some point (or will it…?).

Will it be okay to apply provided the UK is still a member at the start? If the UK leaves during the programme would I have to leave the programme?

thanks very much!


Hi @kierantoms - we don’t need to worry about Brexit, feel free to apply.

Hi there,

I have several questions about the application :slight_smile:
Having a diverse background my CV is quite long, so I need to select some things.

  • what is important to you in the application?
  • is it possible to apply to several branches?
    As I work remotely I could work from Athens or Amsterdam or anywhere else.
  • why do you ask where we are based?
  • You are asking several questions in the application form. How long (and deep) should the answer be?
  • Question on ideal team, size, skills: well that depends on the project, on the kind of game and on the kind of people…?
  • anything else?

Looking forward to hear from you!

Hi @Sa.rah,

regarding the branches - if you are based in Athens, apply for the Athens branch, if you are based in Amsterdam, apply for the Amsterdam branch. If you are based anywhere else, apply for Nomadic. Athens and Amsterdam will include more physical meetups in the city. Nomadic will work mostly online.

Regarding the other questions - I recommend trying to get across what is important for you in as little space as you need. The question about the ideal team is about your ideal team. Can also be a team size/setup that you are simply interested in.

An urgent problem arose!
I have uploaded all the materials and filled in the form on time, and I have the screenshots, confirming that.It was at 11 pm Moscow time.
But I did not receive notification at first, and then, after a couple of hours, I was notified that my work has not been uploaded.
Could that be a problem of Internet connection?
How could I possibly submit my work?
That seems slightly unfair to me.
Best regards,

I have tried to send a message to website moderators but it seems the system does not permit that.

Hi @Asteroid - no worries. Can you send your materials via email to ?