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IndieCade - submission open (we can help!)

Hello Game Designers!

Not sure if you are aware that IndieCade (one of the most old festival about independent game design) has their submission still open until June 30th, see more info here, usually this is a call that is very hard for urban games like ours to get into, but this year there are few categories that are interesting for what is happening here in the community: Innovation in Interaction Design, Location Based and Live Play, Impact Game, Bernie DeKoven Big Fun Award (here the complete list and description).

They are also open to prototypes and games that are on the process of being built (like Oh-Oh?)

The call is not crazy but it costs 100$, so here is the deal: the Nomadic branch can offer a 50% match donation if you submit your game to IndieCade (you pay 100$ and we reimburse you 50$).

Especially if you have a game ready (@Highfather @KyrAvram @soly @BagelandBalloon @MarinaKy14 @LizzieH @awhitney @jyow @LeaLeroy) it’s a good opportunity to optimize your work.

After you submitted we will ask also to share part of the submission here on the platform.
Tagging also the Oh-Oh team :slight_smile:

@Kkekkas @Sa.rah @lydiamanitsidou @GavinWood @sebquack @MariaS

This opportunity is for everyone not only Nomadic branch Trainees!

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Thank you Matteo for reminding us of OH-OH!
After considerate discussion in the team, we decided not to apply this time, but continue working on the prototype! Will update you on the OHs ASAP :wink: