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Games for Flying Urban Games_first release

Hello everyone! I just published A Playful Place: a catalogue of games for Flying Urban Play.ces.

The initial game I started designing for Trust In Play is called BirdsEyeU and it aims to create a playful experience between players collaborating from two urban levels; the street level and a rooftop! Unfortunately the lockdown and social distancing measures imposed by COVID-19 did not allow me to playtest and finalise my game. Therefore, my initial game design is currently “on hold”.

Fortunately, an open call for submissions inspired me to continue working on the connection between rooftops, balconies and window sills during quarantine. In April 2020, A-Place announced A Confined Place, an interdisciplinary initiative, in the form of a repository that records, envisions and triggers actions and experiences about the sense of place during the period of confinement.

Therefore, this catalogue is a sister project to my initial game for Trust in Play and a project that responds to the call “A Confined Place”.

Watch the trailer of the project here.
Read the catalogue with the games here. The catalogue includes 24 games in 8 different categories. A description and basic rules are given for each game.
Download the catalogue here. (The link to download is also in the description of the publication on issuu above.)
The designer statement is in the catalogue.

I will keep you updated about the progress of my initial game!

I want to thank everyone who shared their ideas and supported me and everyone else in the program! Special thanks to @matteo_uguzzoni, @MariaS, @natalia_skoczylas!!!


@MarinaKy14 thank you so much for this, the illustration are amazing and very playful and the catalogue it’s so rich!! So much energy!
The video trailer didn’t have music in the background is that a choice or it didn’t uploaded it? Let us know if there is a public vote for the call so we can support you!

Thank you Matteo!!
I fixed the music issue of the trailer. Thanks!!
The call ended yesterday and a jury will review all the submissions. I hope to get one of the awards…But I really enjoyed the process of doing the catalogue so I already won! :heart_eyes::wink:

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Great catalogue, well done! Was great to see the Bowie hip sync in there… did you join the playtest of it? Good luck in the competition! x

Yes I was part of the group that where playtesting with the Bowie hits game on zoom! That was my inspiration :slight_smile:

Hey @MarinaKy14 - really nice catalogue, I like the different categories and graphics!

Small but important detail: I noticed you only list links to where you found the games in the back, but don’t name the designers there. When doing compilations like this, it’s important to credit the game designers clearly right next to each game, and also to check with each designer if the game is not published under an explicit license like creative commons. (But also with cc licenses you might need to make sure you attribute properly…)

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Thank you @sebquack…You are right, I will do that during the weekend and update my catalogue online!

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