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Borders Festival Call - Venice

Hello I found this call maybe it could be interesting for some of you!

" The festival focuses on the concept of “borders” , between the soul and the body , the human being and the city , the city and the ground . The festival analyzes the idea of human and urban borders , how people live them and how they are modified in contemporary society. Every human being lives in a world in which the limits, the borders, shape their attitudes and behaviors, limiting the freedom and creating a sense of alienation. The human being reacts breaking the limits and finding a new way of life. We imagine a world of “liquid cities”, where differences create new possibilities and exchange possibilities, instead of being social barriers."

There are three categories

I think a lot of the work that I saw around can work there: @MarinaKy14 for example, but also @lilyhiggins and your project about liminal spaces, and @Highfather for Future landscapes.

They seem to be pretty open in term of media so I think games will be an interesting fit.
Deadline July 1st, you just have to send an email with links and description.

Sorry guys, but I would advise against doing anything with ITSLIQUID. I’ve come across them before through my work with art galleries and they’re borderline a scam. They work by flattering artists into thinking that they’ve been selected for a Venice Biennale collateral event, then demand loads of money in fees to deliver their “service” of providing the exhibition. And if you ever submit anything to them it is impossible to remove yourself from their mailing list. AVOID!!

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Oh wow, thanks @LizzieH for signaling this!! So important!