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Trust in Play Berlin Meetup


Hey dear Edgeryders, I would be interested in organizing a Berlin meet up sometime soon, what do you think of the idea? We are working on an Urban game atm and I would love to share the idea, get advice and maybe find collaborators, and ofcourse, hear what others are up to :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think!


Hey @digitalboaz I’m not based in Berlin but some of us are: on top of my mind @natalia_skoczylas and @sebquack for example. We didn’t experiment with Meetup yet, but what if we take the excuse of the webinars and we start doing this? It would be amazing to have people of the community meetup and participate in the webinar together, I can only imagine all the conversation that could sparks afterward. In my case I’m in Baltimore and we had some conversation after the first one with the students that attended from here. What do you think?


hey @digitalboaz, I’d be super happy to do so - and we already have a small group playing games at homes, so we could maybe invite some of these folks and have a session to explore your work and try it out? I’m back in Berlin on the 7th of June, so pick a date and I will arrange sth :slight_smile:


Hi @digitalboaz and @natalia_skoczylas , I am Vasilis, also based in Berlin. I work as a s/w developer and part-time performer, and have helped develop a digital educational game in the past. I am very interested in game design, from small-scale larps and tabletop rpgs, to urban games. I would be very happy to meet, chat and try out games, as a playtester or otherwise, so let me know when a Berlin meetup happens :slight_smile: ! Hopefully I will also contribute game designs to the group in the future. Looking forward!


Hi there @natalia_skoczylas! sounds beautiful! id be happy in that case to organize it for the last week of June, would that work for you? how about WED the 26.6? :slight_smile: @vliaskov, nice meeting you too! would you be able to join at that date?


I’m in Brussels that week :slight_smile: Back around 1st of July, so maybe right after that :slight_smile:


I am free both weeks, hopefully first week of July works :slight_smile: Let us know!


Would love to meetup and hear about your game. First week of July also works for me! Let’s make it happen. :raised_hands: